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Welcome to Bickham Consulting, Inc!

We are a 36 year old company dedicated to helping our clients make informed real estate selling / buying decisions by providing innovative, timely, accurate, and balanced information. We also offer engineering as well as specialty environmental and energy services to help your property be safer and more energy efficient.

We serve both residential and commercial real estate clients.

Since our founding, we have inspected over 24,000 properties, valued at over $5.0 billion.

Are inspections a commodity, or a differentiated service? Does the quality of the inspector really make a difference in the quality of the information? We believe that inspectors can and do vary substantially. The quality of the inspection report and the information it contains can and do vary significantly.

As one client recently remarked, "You are a treasure trove of useful information." (K.M. in Dallas, TX, an oil and gas financial analyst)

Bickham Consulting, Inc. offers premium services at a competitive price. We provide excellent service to our clients and have a 36 year track record to prove it.

A recent customer, Bill M., told us, "I hired you because you are thorough and fair. You inspected the house I was selling, so then I turned around and hired you to inspect the home I am going to buy."

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We look forward to serving you!

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