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Customer Reviews

"Thank you for always taking such good care of my clients."
-C.L. (Realtor) in Dallas, TX

"Sammy did a great job inspecting our future home. He was very knowledgeable and thorough. My wife and I were extremely satisfied with Sammy's home inspection. Bickham Consulting was able to schedule the inspection quickly and at a very reasonable price. I would recommend Bickham Consulting to anyone that needs an inspection. Thank you, Sammy!"
- B.P. in Sanger, TX

"Hi Sammy! Just wanted to thank you again for taking the time on your holiday weekend for speaking to me. I really appreciate your candor and support. Thank goodness we discussed this all before my option period ends!"
- C.S. in Fort Worth, TX

"Sammy, want to thank you so much for the inspection today. Really appreciate the thoroughness and taking the time to explain everything. You will be recommended to my friends and certainly used again by us if/when the need arises. Again, thank you!"
- T.N. in Dallas, TX

"I had Sammy inspect a new townhome before close and he was efficient, respectful, and did a great job. He is incredibly knowledgeable and was happy to share that knowledge with me as a new homeowner for things to look at, watch for, and some preventative maintenance tips to keep things running smoothly. I would strongly, strongly recommend him."
- E.H. in Mesquite, TX

"Thank you Sammy! You have been nothing but amazing during this process."
-G.S. in Dallas, TX

"Hi Sammy, I just wanted to thank you again for your thoroughness, especially for the annotations regarding the roof. The seller's insurance agent was sent out and a new roof is needed. You saved us a lot of money for being so conscientious. Thank you so much!"
-L.S. in Gunter, TX

"Thank you for such a great day. Enjoyed your professionalism, friendship, and total expertise."
-R.E. in Cedar Hill, TX

"Good morning, Sammy. It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Thank you for your thorough explanations of my future abode's inspection. Than you for your expertise!."
-C.W. in Dallas, TX

"Thank you so much, Sammy. You really went above and beyond. We so appreciate it."
-J.W. (realtor) Frisco, TX

"Thank you! We enjoyed getting to know you and your excellent work."
-M.C. in Dallas,TX

"Thank you very much to both of you, J.W. and Sammy! Your lives must know no days off, but we appreciate it!"
-K.W. in Frisco, TX

"Hi Sammy, thanks for getting back to us so quickly and for doing such a thorough job for our inspection yesterday!"
-S.H. in Dallas, TX

"Sammy, thank you so much for your outstanding support and very useful help in getting my amazing house inspected so thoroughly. I could not have done it without you. I know you really cared."
-A.N. in Dallas, TX (a pre-listing inspection)

"Hello Sammy. I wanted to thank you for playing a key role in getting (name withheld)'s and (name withheld)'s house sold on (address withheld). The pre-listing inspection was a huge success and I'm a big fan of pre-listing inspections!! Hope to work with you again soon. Kind regards."
-D. (Realtor), Dallas, TX

"Thanks so much Sammy! I appreciate it a ton. It was a pleasure meeting you and we appreciate all of the good work that you put in!"
-D.L. in Dallas, TX

"Hi Sammy. Thanks so much for the inspection yesterday. The client loved you."
-L.G. (Realtor), Dallas, TX

"Hi Sammy. Thank you very much for your last report! Very illuminating. You saved us from a junker."
-B.B. (Realtor), Dallas,TX

"Thank you for your professional expertise evaluating B**** and R****. Great job!"
-S.R. in Plano, TX

"Hi Sammy. You are king of men. Just as B. and C. said you were...Thank you!"
-M.F. in Dallas, TX

"Thanks, Sammy. You did a great job yesterday! I really appreciate all of the explanations and I think you helped improve my clients' opinion of the house. I will definitely be calling you again."
-R.G. (Realtor) in Dallas, TX

"Sammy, you are the best. Thank you for providing such an awesome service!"
-N.W. in Dallas, TX

"Mr. Bickham was super thorough and ensured that he walked us through each item he observed. He shared his knowledge of common issues and what we can do as homeowners to prevent them. We're glad to have hired his services."
-S.N., in Allen,TX

"Sammy. I just want to let you know how much you are appreciated. What you are willing to do for my clients is above and beyond. Thanks for the sunny approach you bring to the job!"
-M.B. (Realtor) in Frisco, TX

"Hi Sammy, this is W.E. You inspected our house at (address withheld) in Dallas prior to our purchasing it in 2010. I may possibly put it on the market, but I would like to know your thoughts on what you think would be required for a bank to loan on it for a purchaser. It a 2875 ft sq. home. After working with you nine years ago I cannot imagine having the same confidence level in anyone else. Can you give me a call at your convenience?"
-W.E. in Dallas, TX

"Hi Natalie & Sammy. Thanks again for inspecting the Clearhaven property today! Sammy you're a pleasure to work with & so happy I met you at that Investment class! Thanks again and have a nice evening."
-Stephanie in Richardson, TX

"The best inspector I have used for the past 20 years is Sammy Bickham. I definitely respect his opinion! He is very knowledgeable, honest, and client friendly! I use him for my personal investments, my home, and many of my clients from $100,000 to $3,500,000 have used him as well."
-Loretta Littlejohn (Broker / Realtor) in Dallas, TX

"Sammy Bickham is an expert in his field and operates with a high degree of professional integrity. He is an involved citizen who gives back to the community. As a real estate agent he has provided superior service to me and my clients since 1999. As an educator and Associate Professor of Real Estate he is often a guest lecturer in my classes. The students always give excellent reviews for his presentations."
-Kelly Logsdon Rush (Realtor) in Dallas, TX

"Sammy Bickham is extremely knowledgeable in his field of expertise. He is always honest and informative with my clients' most important investment: purchasing a home. I have known Sammy for 25 years and he is the one that I call first for all questions regarding any issues with a home. You can be sure to get a professional with integrity when you call Sammy Bickham!"
-Sherri (Ebby Halliday Realtors) in Dallas, TX

"You are a great inspector! Thanks for sharing your information with us."
-Evelyn in Dallas, TX

"Wow! You did a lot of work on this in a very short period of time! I thank you. You are a person that my good friend calls "good peoples." Thank you very much and I was very pleased to meet you."
-Sandy in Plano, TX

"I am sick I missed you (at the appointment) sweet Sammy! Thank you always for your amazing energy."
-Nancy in Addison, TX

"Good morning, Sammy. Thanks so much for coming back out to Canton on a Saturday afternoon to help us. I really appreciate it! The sellers have agreed to repair the air unit. Thank you again for helping us!"
-Ken in Canton, TX

"Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us so much about our new house on (street name). We are very excited, but a little scared about the property and you did so much to ease our fear! We are going to make it fabulous! You must come by to see the progress and the ultimate after!!"
-Bill & Linda in Carrollton, TX

"Sammy was very helpful, trustworthy, professional and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain things thoroughly and was able to recommend repair work that needed to be done."
-From a past client, as posted to Angie's List

"Thank you! I do appreciate the incredibly quick response your company always offers us."
-Doris (Realtor) in Richardson, TX

"Thanks, Sammy! We really appreciate your thoroughness and the way you went about the inspection (allowing us to have a family reunion in the middle of it, etc). Thank you very much for the report, and for all the helpful tips you gave us last Friday. Rest assured, we'll be recommending you to others we know who enter this phase of the home buying process."
-DJ in Dallas, TX

"Thanks! And I very much appreciate you "holding the hand" of my daughter-in-law, Ashley, last Saturday. She had not gone through that exercise before, and she reported that you were very helpful in explaining things."
-Dave in Dallas, TX

"Hello Sammy, Wanted to say I love your new reports with pictures and your captions - awesome! Thanks for sending to me early."
-Ellen B. in Dallas, TX

"Dear Sammy, Thank you so much for making my first inspection go so smoothly! I learned so much valuable information and feel more confident about the inspection process. I will definitely be in touch soon; hopefully, with more requests for inspections! Have a great weekend!"
-Jen (Realtor) in Prosper, TX

"Thank you! You all did a great job. I'll definitely keep you in mind when people ask me for a referral for an inspector."
-Elizabeth in Dallas, TX

"Thank you so much for your inspection and the opportunity to talk with you. It was insightful and a true pleasure."
-Darleen (Realtor) in Argyle, TX

"Hello Sammy, Thank you for all your hard work on Rawhide. You were spot on about the foundation and looks like we just received a great report back from a structural engineer. Thanks again!!! I am thrilled to have you my team and can't wait for the next project!!!"
-Jason (Real Estate Broker) in Plano, TX

"Thanks for all of your help today. I will be passing your name on to anyone I know who buys a house."
-Anne in Dallas, TX

"Dear Sammy, Thanks again for the excellent work you did on the inspection. You are so nice to work with, too. I appreciate it! Blessings,"
-Robin in Dallas, TX

"On behalf of Meriwether and myself, we wanted to thank you for your help in putting together this report, and to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for coming out to inspect this house on such short notice. You helped make the week a tremendously rewarding experience. We're so excited to get to Dallas and settle down, and hope we get to see you again once we're out there. All the best!"
-Will, moving to Dallas from Austin, TX

"Hi Sammy, A short note to let you know it was great seeing you today at the inspection. Thank you so much for working us in. Business aside I have to tell you that you are one of the most positive and sincere people I have ever met. There is a bright light inside of you that people want to reach out and grab a hold of. I know that every person you meet feels this in their heart. I remember this being true of everyone in your family I met. People come into our lives for a reason. Thank you for that! ;) Take care of your beautiful family and your future grand children...It is true what they say...There is nothing like them."
-Vickie (Realtor) in Dallas, TX

"I just wanted you to know I appreciate very much your help yesterday on the inspection. It was very helpful and we feel like this house will be good for us. I'm even a bigger fan of yours now after meeting you and wish all the best in the future.
Your knowledge of investing was very impressive. I think you know more than 98% of people in the investing business. Good luck and let me know if I can be of service to you down the road. Thanks."
-Tom in Dallas, TX

"Sammy,Thanks so very much for your presentation on inspections during Kelly's Investment Class at Champions (sic). Your information was enlightening, informative, and entertaining. You made us feel so aware of a very important part of our industry by sharing the "good," the "bad," and the "ugly." I'm sure I share my gratitude along with all of the members of that class. You are a very special person to give so much of yourself by sharing your time and energy to teach us about what you do. With great appreciation,"
-Jos S. (Realtor)

"Dear Sammy, Thank you so much for your checking 6625 Canterbury yesterday. My client and I greatly appreciate your professional help."
-Kristen B. (Realtor)

"Dear Sammy, You are a treasure trove of useful information. Thank you!"
-K.M. in Dallas, TX

"Sammy, Thank you for coming out and inspecting our home. It was nice to have a professional with a great personal touch give us a great starting point in our new home. Additionally, we appreciate the awesome range of conversation and your passion for life- thank you. God bless you and your family and have a great year both personally and professionally. Best regards!"
-K.M. and J. in Dallas, TX

"Sammy, It's gratifying to meet someone dedicated to doing a good job. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated. If my company or I can serve you in any way, please do not hesitate to call!!"
-Victor (Realtor) Dallas, TX

"It was nice to meet you as well, Sammy. Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind."
-Neda in Dallas, TX

"Dear Sammy, thank you so much for dashing out to (name withheld) to save my hide! I am so grateful for your flexibility. You always do an amazing job. Thank you for being a part of my team. In 2018 I hope to send many jobs your way."
-Janice (Realtor) Dallas, TX

"Sammy is the man. Very thorough and pays attention to the details. More than happy to have him as my inspector."
-(Name withheld) in Fort Worth, TX

"Sammy did a very thorough job of inspecting the property. Even though very few problems were found, his advice regarding ongoing maintenance of the HVAC equipment was very valuable."
-(Name withheld) in Addison, TX "

"It was a real pleasure working with Sammy. He was very helpful and explained every part of his report. He also helped us after we closed by answering additional questions we had about the house once we moved in. It genuinely felt like he was looking out for us."
(Name withheld) in Dallas, TX

"Sammy, just dropping a line to let you know I closed on the house. Can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to walk me through some of the repair items; it's great to be able to learn on the fly and I was actually able to lump many of the repairs in to the closing. Tenant moves out this month so I'll be moving in! Thanks again, this has really helped get me on the road to real estate investing. Hopefully I'll be giving you a shout soon for the next one! Cheers!"
-Andrew, in Dallas, TX

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