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Buyers - seeking a home for themselves / their families, and needing the highest quality information possible to make an informed home buying decision.

Sellers - seeking information on their property in advance of its sale. This provides valuable information for the seller and listing realtor, as they can know in advance what buyers will be requesting by way of repairs. A pre-sale inspection also enables the property to be priced right from the outset, and minimizes the risk of surprises. We highly recommend pre-listing inspections, especially during "buyers' markets."

Investors - seeking to buy and "flip" a home for a healthy profit, or buy and hold for rental income. We provide extremely valuable information to investors as expensive repair surprises can eliminate the profit available in a given property. As the saying goes, the investor makes his / her money when they buy -- NOT when they sell!

New Construction Inspection - New construction should be inspected while it is in process. There are six different points at which progress inspections should be made. This will enable the buyer to ensure that the building is done correctly along the way. Then, once construction is complete, the buyer will be able to make repair requests before the home warranty expires.

Commercial Property Purchasers - We inspect all varieties of commercial properties including warehouses, apartment complexes, office buildings, etc. No job is too big. We have all the expertise necessary to gather the information necessary for a commercial real estate buying decision.

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