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Types of Inspections

In addition to the typical manner in which inspectors are employed during the sale of a pre-owned property, there are other unique ways that an inspector can be used to maximize the value of your home including:

New Home Inspections
You might not necessarily think about it, but it is very important to have your newly built home inspected.

Like any other piece of mechanical equipment, one should not assume that all systems are in working order. Electrical systems, A/C installations, plumbing, etc., can sometimes be installed in a faulty manner, where even the builder is unaware of the true condition of a property.

We suggest that new homeowners have four different inspections performed throughout the construction process:

- Pre-concrete pour - just prior to the pouring of the foundations concrete
- Pre-drywall - just prior to drywall being installed
- Final inspection - just prior to the final walk-through
- One-year warranty inspection - in the 11th month after closing

By working with an inspector throughout the construction process you will minimize surprises once you move into your new home and enjoy it for years to come, without the headaches that might otherwise result from mistakes overlooked during the construction process.
Pre-Listing Inspections
It is an oddity of the home selling process that the buyer - through their home inspectors - sometimes knows more about the home than the seller does. But this does not have to be the case! Pre-listing inspections give the seller the information he/she needs to know, to market their home and price it smartly for a quick sale and close.

A pre-listing inspection can help sellers to:
- Be transparent with would-be buyers; establish credibility by providing
  transparency regarding the condition of the home, which can lead
  to a faster selling process
- Smooth out the transaction by removing potential emotional
  ups and downs that occur when would-be buyers are presented with
  surprises regarding the condition of the home
- Build confidence in would-be buyers by providing them with
  the information they need to budget for repairs if certain work is
  required on the home, especially if a home is being sold in
  "as-is" condition
- Reduce potential liability by providing as much information
  as possible to the would-be buyer, so they can make an
  informed purchase decision and minimize the chance of buyers' remorse
  occurring once they are living in the home

In short pre-listing inspections help sellers stay in control of their transaction by obtaining the information necessary to smartly price their home and factor in any negotiating items. This approach can potentially lead to higher net proceeds to the seller once the transaction has closed.
Foundation Inspections
North Texas foundations can be tricky and difficult to diagnose so homeowners need to pay close attention to them. Whether you have owned your home for a while, or you just recently purchased, having your foundation inspected is a very wise decision.

Utilizing the Seven Witnesses approach to foundation inspection, Mr. Bickham will measure your foundation as well as check each of the Seven Witnesses to give his opinion as to whether your home has more than normal foundation issues, or is simply experiencing typical movement for a North Texas home.

Oftentimes foundation companies try to sell homeowners foundation work when it is not necessarily needed. By having an objective consultation performed, you will have the peace of mind you need to determine what to do next.

Click Here to watch our Introduction to the Seven Witnesses video to learn more.
Foreclosure Investing
Foreclosure investing is not for the faint of heart! In order to successfully renovate a property and make a profit, you need a partner that can help you avoid the "gotchas" that could steal the profit out of a seemingly good deal.

Hidden problems such as foundation issues, brown rot, plumbing problems, or worse, can be far more costly than initially anticipated. Bickham Consulting can assist you in finding the big ticket items that will help you make your investment decisions.

We specialize in providing fast turnaround for foreclosure investors, as time is of the essence with each property. We can quickly provide you with the information necessary to make a GO / NO GO decision.

Choose Bickham Consulting to be your investing partner. As the saying goes in real estate, you make your money when you BUY, not when you SELL!!
Home Health Check
As your home ages, it is easy to miss important signals your home is sending you, crying out for maintenance! Life gets so busy, the last thing folks want to think about is all the extra tasks that homeownership requires. As a result, key maintenance items might go unnoticed, and those items can add up to thousands of dollars when it comes time to sell your home. Preventive maintenance is far less expensive than future major repairs. The Home Health Check is similar to pre-listing inspections except there is no realtor involved if an immediate listing is not anticipated.

Some areas that folks might easily overlook are:
- Heating and A/C issues
- More than normal foundation movement
- Drainage issues
- Hail damage/roofing issues
- Hard-to-find plumbing leaks

If you have owned your home for several years, it may be time for a home health check. What might cost small dollars to repair now, could end up being large dollars later. Preventive maintenance is far less expensive than future major repairs.
WDI Inspection (Termites)
Sadly, termites are a fact of life here in Texas. They can sneak up on your home in places where you are not likely to catch them. Yes, there are times of the year when termites swarm, but they also can creep into your home unawares.

If you suspect you may have termites, or merely want peace of mind to verify you don't have termites, we are happy to provide you with a WDI (wood destroying insect) report.
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