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Preparing a Property for Inspection*

To prevent delays and make the most of everyone's time, the home should be prepared for the inspection. The current homeowners should remove all personal property that would block the inspector's access to key systems inside the home. For liability reasons, inspectors will not move personal property while inside the home, so it is essential that the seller do this in advance of the inspection.

Specifically, the home should ensure that:

  • All utilities turned on (electric / water / gas)
  • All pilot lights are lit
  • All locks are removed or unlocked from areas that may prohibit the inspector's accessibility (such as attics, doors, outbuildings, etc.)
  • Attic access is clear
  • Crawl space (if applicable) is clear
  • Electrical panels are accessible and not locked
  • Water heater is accessible
  • Furnace is accessible
  • Cooling system is accessible
  • Built-in kitchen appliances are accessible and ready to operate
  • Pets are secure

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