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Life Purpose Power Teams & Embassy University

Life Purpose Power Teams (LPPT) and Embassy University are dedicated to helping people achieve true success in life by becoming and doing all that they were created to be and to do. True success includes defeating the four basic fears that hold people back including fear of failure, fear of death, fear of poverty and fear of rejection.

LPPT and Embassy University offer techniques, books, and teaching on how to overcome these fears and help people to be all that they can be.

Click here to visit the Life Purpose Power Teams and here to visit Embassy University.

Life Languages

The Life Languages are a behavioral communication profile that helps people to understand their own communication style, as well as the communication style of those around them. Once someone takes the profile, he has the tools available to understand himself better, as well as those around him.

The Life Languages help make good relationships stronger. Even better, the Life Languages can improve relationships in severe distress and make them healthy and productive. Over the history of the Life Languages, marriages have been saved, jobs have been saved, and family relationships rescued.

Click here to visit the Life Languages site.

Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation

Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation (JOCRF) specializes in aptitude testing. From JOCRF's website they state: "Aptitudes are natural talents, special abilities for doing, or learning to do, certain kinds of things. Manual dexterity, musical ability, spatial visualization, and memory for numbers are examples of such aptitudes. In a comprehensive battery of tests available only through the Foundation, these and many other aptitudes are measured."

By knowing yours or your children’s aptitudes, JOCRF strives "to provide people with a knowledge of their aptitudes that will help them in making decisions about school and work."

In other words, aptitude testing helps people to know their inherent talents and giftings so as to make good educational choices as well as professional choices that are in line with one's natural gifts and talents.

Click here to visit the their website

The Doctor Within

Although this chiropractor is located in California, his site includes an online book with self-contained chapters on many topics that are vital to maintaining health in today's America. We provide this link for anyone who is searching for answers to persistent ailments that just can't seem to be beaten. We have learned a lot by reading and referencing this online book and perhaps you can, too.

The site can be found here

Medical Medium

Anthony William goes by the moniker "Medical Medium." He has written numerous books that help people use food &/or supplements to defeat "mystery illnesses" that don't respond to any conventional types of treatment approaches. His theory is that many "mystery illnesses" are viral in nature and go undiagnosed much of the time. Our family has seen great results using certain of his food and supplement approaches. His website is

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