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The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) is the regulatory body that oversees the inspection industry in the state of Texas.

As such, TREC maintains a standard form that each inspector must utilize for inspections. Click here to see a sample form.

Inspectors must include all the categories of information that are included in the standard form, and must also adhere to the standards of practice set forth by TREC.

By definition, inspectors are generalists, NOT specialists. If it appears that a particular property has special issues with, say, the foundation, then the inspector will note on his report that a foundation engineer ought to be brought to the property.

Inspectors are trained to:

  • Find safety issues
  • Find items that are deficient
  • Find items that are defective, as defined in the Standards of Practice
  • Find items that are currently working, but near the end of useful life (However, please note that inspectors are not required to estimate remaining useful life for a given item.)

In so doing, the client will receive both the general information that inspectors are trained to provide, as well as specialized information when the situation warrants it.

Lastly, inspectors are NOT code inspectors, unless so licensed.

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